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Hand Dyed Yarn



These are blog-style posts where you can find my latest announcements, newsletters, colorway releases, and other yarny-related topics.

Plush Sock!

Lauren Slagle

Plush Sock is coming this Saturday 10/29 at 10am PST (1pm EST).

This has been a 3 month search for the perfect squishy yarn that is softer than Everyday Sock, Plumper than Everyday Sock, but a bit more budget-friendly than Lolo's Favorite (my MCN base). You guys don't ask for much do you? ;) 

For all the yarn base details, click here.

Now, don't get me wrong - Lolo's Favorite is still my favorite! I can't help it! I absolutely love cashmere, who doesn't?! And that is what I usually choose to knit with for any garment/shawl/wrap. All that being said, now that Plush Sock is available, this would now be my second. 

All of the criteria to search for was all from you. I got messages saying "I wish Everyday Sock was..." or "I have a yarn budget, but I want [x,y,z]..." Lots of you have written to me over the months asking for specifics, or wishes, etc. So, I started my hunt in June. And of course, knit all the tests too and I'm really happy I did. 

I have reached out to a lot of knitters to ask for feedback, and after this weekend, I still want yours! We want to know if you'd like to see this yarn base regularly! So, please let me know what you think - I'm all ears. And I love hearing from you. 

Thanks so much! I'm excited for the weekend!


New Colorways!

Lauren Slagle

Bat Guano Crazy and Simple Man! Will be available in my shop update on Friday Oct 7th at 10am PST!

Bat Guano Crazy was a name/phrase Trey (aka Mr. Lolo) said while driving in the car one day, we both cracked up and decided it needed to be a colorway this fall for sure.

Simple Man is Trey's first speckled colorway, and I think it's fantastic! Vibrant colors for your man, or yourself. 

New Tonal Colors! Sweetness and Wonka

Lauren Slagle

Coming to the shop on Oct 1 at 10am PST (1pm EST).

Sweetness is a tribute to Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, a medium pumpkin orange. Wonka is a tribute to Gene Wilder, which is a deep royal purple.

Yarn Base Change merino/cashmere/nylon

Lauren Slagle

MCN Yarn Base

We are switching our MCN base "Lolo's Favorite" from a 4 ply to a 3 ply yarn. This is not a huge change, but it does mean a lot to us. We are moving to a local mill to us, and a yarn I really really love. If you remember "Weekend Sock" we carried for one weekend a few months ago as a special treat? Now we have the opportunity to carry it all the time. If you haven't tried it, it is gorgeous. Just as soft (I think a bit softer) as the 4 ply MCN we are carrying, same gauge for knitting so you won't have any issue with matching gauge for projects, and the 3 ply gives a gorgeous stitch definition I'm in love with. We will sell out of our current supply of the 4 ply MCN, this weekend will be the last of it. Then we will make the transition. We will make sure the listing you order matches the base you will receive. We are keeping the name "Lolo's Favorite" to represent our MCN yarn base,'s my favorite! lol

80% Superwash Merino Wool
10% Cashmere  
10% Nylon
Fingering Weight - 3 ply

**These skeins are sometimes on the heavy side,
but the minimum (and what we order) is 100g skeins at 430 yards.
If you get extra, that is an awesome bonus! =)