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Hand Dyed Yarn


These are blog-style posts where you can find my latest announcements, newsletters, colorway releases, and other yarny-related topics.

Yarn Base Change merino/cashmere/nylon

Lauren Slagle

MCN Yarn Base

We are switching our MCN base "Lolo's Favorite" from a 4 ply to a 3 ply yarn. This is not a huge change, but it does mean a lot to us. We are moving to a local mill to us, and a yarn I really really love. If you remember "Weekend Sock" we carried for one weekend a few months ago as a special treat? Now we have the opportunity to carry it all the time. If you haven't tried it, it is gorgeous. Just as soft (I think a bit softer) as the 4 ply MCN we are carrying, same gauge for knitting so you won't have any issue with matching gauge for projects, and the 3 ply gives a gorgeous stitch definition I'm in love with. We will sell out of our current supply of the 4 ply MCN, this weekend will be the last of it. Then we will make the transition. We will make sure the listing you order matches the base you will receive. We are keeping the name "Lolo's Favorite" to represent our MCN yarn base,'s my favorite! lol

80% Superwash Merino Wool
10% Cashmere  
10% Nylon
Fingering Weight - 3 ply

**These skeins are sometimes on the heavy side,
but the minimum (and what we order) is 100g skeins at 430 yards.
If you get extra, that is an awesome bonus! =)