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Hand Dyed Yarn


These are blog-style posts where you can find my latest announcements, newsletters, colorway releases, and other yarny-related topics.

Newsletter 9/8/16

Lauren Slagle

Next Shop Update:
Saturday Sept 10 at 10am PST

Bohemian Rhapsody will be available on the shop for the first time for everyone! This was June's Yarn of the Month Club Colorway and by far my most requested YOTM colorway I've ever had.  

Look at the Flowers Lizzie, Walking Dead inspired colorway, will also be back on the shop!

Here are the yarn bases you'll see on the shop for Bohemian Rhapsody and Look at the Flowers Lizzie:

Everyday Sock, Awesome Sock, Sparkle Sock, Lolo's Favorite, Simple DK and Simple Worsted

What's coming soon:

  • Pinkman and Purple Rain will be in a mid-week/ non-timed update, so keep an eye on the shop!
  • Breakfast Club and Polyjuice Potion, coming soon.

What's on my shop right now?
(All limited quantities).

  • Georgia On My Mind
  • OMG Unicorns
  • I Love Rock n Roll
  • Caterpillar Blues
  • LA Lady
  • Something Blue
  • Hello Little Birdie
  • Pinkman
  • Hunka Hunka Burnin Love
  • Tiny Dancer (retired)
  • Merry Gentleman (on non-superwash)

If you're looking for a colorway that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to let me know by email - - while I can't promise I'll be able to dye all your requests, I certainly will do my best! If I've just dyed a colorway, chances are you won't see it again for at least month.

A note on shop updates: I do switch between timed shop updates and random shop updates, in hopes that everyone can snag a skein on a colorway and base that they want. I also generally dye a minimum of 40 skeins of a particular colorway when I dye it, so I can have as many available as I can produce. So if you're looking for something, please check my shop through out the week, as I do update the shop frequently.

Tonal Yarn

Folsom is coming! Mr. Lolo's latest tonal color, Folsom, is the deepest charcoal color. You will want to have this in your stash!

We have dyed as much tonal yarn as humanly possible! We have officially shipped out ALL orders with tonal yarn, and have stocked the shop.

Lil Lolo's, Everyday Sock, and Awesome Sock are now going to be "Ready to Ship" just like you're used to on all of the Signature Colorways. We know this will be a better experience for you, you'll be getting your yarn shipped within 1-3 business (M-F). It's a much better way for us to make sure we can dye everything within a reasonable amount of time.

Some people have asked, does this mean tonals will not always be available like they used to be? Yes, we will probably run out of stock once in a while on specific colors. But rest assured, if they are out of stock on the shop, we're already dyeing them to put them back on the shop asap. We will continue to grow to meet your demand and hope that won't happen often.


Monster Mash is back!

I'm currently in the process of dyeing all the Monster Mash! I will be having a big shop update the first weekend of October with Monster Mash I have dyed. I will not dye it again until next year, so make sure to keep an eye out on social media for that update. 

As soon as the Monster Mash update is dyed, I'll start on all of my Christmas colorways. Some fan favorites will come out of seasonal retirement, and you'll see new ones too! I can't wait for the holiday season!

Thank you!
I make all shop announcements on social media.

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The best way to communicate with me is through Etsy messages or email, as I miss quite a lot of notifications through social media.

You can also find me on Ravelry as lolodidit - while you're at it, check out my group! I'm adding new things all the time.