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Hand Dyed Yarn


These are blog-style posts where you can find my latest announcements, newsletters, colorway releases, and other yarny-related topics.

What is "BFL?"

Lauren Slagle

I’ve had a lot of questions, “What the heck is this BFL yarn you’re talking about now?” I am by no means a sheep/breed/wool expert, but these are some key differences for you. 

BFL stands for Blue Face Leicester, it is a type of sheep that has long curly wool. Merino wool, which you're familiar with in my other yarn bases, is very very very squiggly, not as long, and very lofty (see photo). BFL is not quite as soft as merino, but still very soft and lovely to knit with. Because of the texture of BFL wool, it is stronger, and shinier, will give a lovely drape to any garment you’re knitting. Since it’s also slightly less “lofty” than Merino, BFL is going to be it a little cooler wool to wear. All of these aspects make for ahhmazing socks, if you’re into that. But also perfect for lots of other garments, shawls, etc. 

The wool in my BFL yarn base is 100% sourced from Great Britain — hence the name “God Save the Queen Sock” and is a special yarn, not something that will ‘always’ be in my shop, but when I can get it, I will. 

So, if you haven’t tried BFL yet, this is a true treat! Definitely worth trying out! And once you do, I know you’ll be asking for more.