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Hand Dyed Yarn



Hand dyed yarn

Owners Lauren and Trey Slagle, hand dyeing yarn from our home studio in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Smoke free, dog friendly.

My husband and I do all the dyeing in small batches ourselves. Because of the dyeing styles we use, this makes every skein of yarn unique, no matter the name of the colorway. 

The very best way to reach me is through email. I always do my best to respond within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.


All of the shop information is announced through social media and my emailed newsletter.

Instagram: @_lolodidit

Twitter: @_lolodidit

Trey's Instagram: @_mr.lolo

How lolodidit began....

My journey starts with color and creativity. Ironically, I never thought of myself as a creative person until about 2012. Yes, I had creative hobbies, but it wasn't until I really let go and learned to enjoy making things with my hands that I really understood what I could do!

I was an exclusive shopper of all the brand named items in my early 20's. Through college and leaving college, I had a decent job, decent pay, etc. but, due to some crazy circumstances I ended up being flat broke. And of course, that's when I met my husband. Hey, new boyfriend, I can't put gas in my car, but I'm on a 3 Starbucks a day IV drip. LOL You can tell I had my priorities a little backward.

I learned over the next year to reawaken my creativity, with the encouragement from my soon-to-be-husband, and have fun making things with my own hands.

Socks! Yes, my first knitting project ever was socks. Every yarn store I went into thought I was absolutely insane. "Try something easier, like a scarf." I was determined. I only unraveled it 3 times and redid the heel on the last attempt only twice. BOTH socks fit and I didn't have one-sock-syndrome! Hallelujah! 

Next task, find yarn that I completely drooled over. I ended up with some local artists' hand-dyed yarn to work with - and WOW! Yarn can be hand dyed?! I was so excited to learn that I could create art like that. My now-husband who has encouraged me to do and try new things, bought me some dye and the rest is... well, the future! 

I love creating yarn and new combinations of color. I love being creative everyday and making yarn colorways that people will make into gifts, treasured heirlooms, and everyday joy.