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Hippo for Holidays Year Long KAL

Lauren Slagle

This is taking  place ALL on Instagram. Don't forget to post your WIPS!!! I love seeing them! The winner will be a photo of an FO, but feel free to post away!! =)

Knit (or crochet) a full item using the hippo for holiday colorway - a pair of adult socks, a shawl, a sweater, a hat (blanket squares don’t count). You don’t have to use the full skein, and you don’t have to “only” use that colorway, but it needs to be the “main” color and the whole item must be 100% #lolodidit yarn. Then post a photo to your public Instagram account! You must use the following tags:




+ the hippo for holiday # (see below)

I’ll pick a winner using random number generator, and the winner will win a skein of the next Hippo for a holiday colorway and a Lil Lolo to match!

If you decide to participate in the 3 holiday KAL, you will win 3 skeins of yarn. And if you participate for every single holiday, you have a chance to win a HUGE prize at the end of the year!

Hippo for Valentines #hippoforvalentineskal ends March 31st

Hippo for St. Patty's #hippoforstpattyskal ends April 30th

Hippo for Easter #hippoforeasterkal ends May 31st

--- Three holiday KAL for Valentine's, St. Patty's, and Easter ends June 30th , you don't have to meet the original deadline to participate, you just have to meet this deadline for all 3.

Hippo for Cinco #hippoforcincokal ends June 30th

Hippo for Mom #hippoformomkal ends June 30th

Hippo for Dad #hippofordadkal ends July 31st

--- Three holiday KAL for Cinco, Mom, and Dad ends  August 31st, you don't have to meet the original deadline to participate, you just have to meet this deadline for all 3.

Hippo for Independence #hippoforindependencekal ends August 31st.

Hippo for Dia de los Muertos #hippofordiadelosmuertoskal ends Oct. 31st

Hippo for Halloween #hippoforhalloweenkal ends Oct. 31st.

--- Three holiday KAL for Independence, Dia de los Muertos, and Halloween ends  November 30th, you don't have to meet the original deadline to participate, you just have to meet this deadline for all 3.

Hippo for Thanksgiving #hippoforthankskal ends Nov. 30th

Hippo for Christmas #hippoforchristmaskal ends Dec. 31st.

Hippo for New Years #hippofornewyearskal ends Jan 31st.

--- Three holiday KAL for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years ends January 31st, you don't have to meet the original deadline to participate, you just have to meet this deadline for all 3.

THE YEAR LONG KAL ends February 28th!!! Here's the cool part - you didn't have to meet the deadlines of all the months before. But you do have to meet THIS deadline for ALL of the hippos, one item knit (or crocheted) per hippo holiday. You must post them all in one photo. And use the following tags:




Thank you all so much! I hope you have fun with this!

New Yarn Base!!!

Lauren Slagle


This is a new yarn base we will carry to see how everyone likes it, then we will decide if it will be a regular base.

100% superwash merino - fingering weight - 430 yards - single construction


Roxie the Hippo Knit Along! Photo Contest!

Lauren Slagle

This is really exciting! We are doing a photo contest! I was inspired by my test knitters who did really cute photo shoots with their Roxie the Hippos.

So, this is your chance to get super creative and show off your hippo posing skills!! Share your photo on Instagram using #roxiethehippo and #lolodidit ! Make sure you’re a follower of @_lolodidit We will pick the top 5 photos, and then you will get to vote on your favorites! The winner will get an awesome prize full of yarn goodies! 

To double dip, post your Roxie the Hippos in my Ravelry FO thread!

This Knit a Long will go through the end of August!

Plus, you can triple dip with the #lolodiditstuffiealong - I have extended that through the end of August as well. Wow! Lot’s going on!

I hope you all have as much fun with this pattern as I did. Thank you all so much! You support means everything to me.


Stuffie along!!

Lauren Slagle

STUFFIE ALONG?! Count me in!!  This is all taking place on Instagram.
There are several people hosting stuffie alongs and you all know I'm obsessed. So let's do one too!!! The more the merrier, right!?

I cannot recommend Susan Claudino's patterns enough! I seriously have several of them laminated that's how much I knit them. Go check out @noknitsherlock for some amazing stuffie pattern ideas!! And you can double dip in her KAL!

I may have to have a #voodooyoulovememarathon against myself. 🤔 I don't think it'll be as epic as Mina's famous sock marathon, but let's have fun! If anyone wants to make #themoststuffiesever - game on!!! 💪 I am all about the #voodoopalooza!!!! .

How to participate:

1. Follow @_lolodidit
2. Post as many WIP and FO photos on Instagram as you want of any stuffie "critter" pattern, using 100% #lolodidit yarn. (Critter = anything resembling an animal, human, or mythical creature - aka, no stars or hexis)
3. Use #lolodiditstuffiealong 👈 this says "along" so crochet totally counts!! 😄

This ends THURSDAY August 31st at 9pm PST (12 midnight EST). I’ll draw for at least 1 winner on the first week of August randomly from the photos you post using the criteria above. Winning photo will be an FO, so finish those babies up! 😃

PRIZE: An epic stuffie prize package with yarn and lots of goodies!! I'll post a photo of the prize(s) in a few days so you know how epic it will be!!! 😍

I hope you all love this and have fun! Thank you for all the love!!! 💕💕💕 Lauren