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Hello to everyone!! 

Happy May!!! Usually at this time I’m sending out the theme for the next Yarn of the Month Club. Things are changing, though. I have found myself dyeing 2 (or more) “yarns of the month” lately. Hippos and the YOTM surprise colorways (plus coming out with the past YOTMs as well). Because of this I’ve discovered that with the surprise, dyed to order Yarn of the Month Club, I’m not able dye as much yarn as I could be. So, we won’t be doing the surprise Yarn of the Month Club anymore, as it has been in the past, but there are tons of new things coming! 

Here are some of the things you can expect now that I’m freeing up some dyeing time from YOTM (and many more to come!):

I will be able to dye my regular colorways more frequently.

I’ll also be able to create and dye new colorways that will be readily available for everyone.

And of course, more Hippos! We’ve had some growing pains with Hippos, we know it! Every month we find ourselves dyeing much more than the previous month. It’s always our goal for these colorways to be available and attainable. We don’t want to create something that is too difficult to get. I have gotten so many wonderful emails for the past two weeks that you’re really liking our new ways we restock to make sure you have a chance to get those colorways.

Keeping with the love you all have for YOTM, I also plan to continue my 80’s pop culture theme we had going on. But, instead of them being a surprise and only available to a certain number of people and all dyed to order, we will now have them available and ready to ship. I mean, everyone wants yarn faster, anyways - am I right?! hahaha! You’ll see more new colorways of my 80’s themed yarn really soon!

On a similar note with shop changes, I’m sure you’ve noticed other things too. We are working really really hard to move to an all ready-to-ship shop. It’s a lot easier for us to maintain and manage (aka - we want to spend our time dyeing more yarn for you and not organizing orders and shipping schedules), but also, I’ve gotten so much feedback that you love getting your yarn quickly. Which we always try to maintain that 3 business day shipping. 

We personally hope you all love the changes we’ve been making. Especially because it all comes from feedback you email in. We read every email and listen to what you want from our yarn shop. We couldn’t be happier to make sure you have the best customer service we can provide and that you love what you receive. Always know, we want to make your experience better any way we can. 

Stay tuned for more new things to come!

Thank you all so much! Your support of our small business means everything to us and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyday we get to dye yarn for you.

Lauren and Trey