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2018 Hippos for Holidays Knit-a-long!

Lauren Slagle

This is a year long knit-a-long for 2018!

This is taking place ALL on Instagram. Don't forget to post your WIPS!!! I love seeing them! The winner will be a photo of an FO, but feel free to post away!! 

Knit (or crochet) any item using ANY Hippo for Holiday colorway - a pair of adult socks, a shawl, a sweater, a hat, etc. Your goal should be using at least 50g of a fingering weight yarn or the full skein of worsted weight (so no ankle socks, or children’s items, if it’s a stuffed toy, make it a big one)! The whole item must be 100% #lolodidit yarn, the main colorway must be a Hippo colorway.

It does not matter if the hippo colorway was dyed in previous years, it just matters that it’s a hippo colorway! 

Shop Hippo Colorways, Click Here.


The KAL for each month starts on the 1st and ends on the last day of NEXT month. You can use ANY hippo colorway. (See the calendar below to see when you need to make sure to post a photo of each knitted item).

To enter, MAKE SURE to post your beginning photo, and your FO photo before the end of the 2 months. (See calendar list below). Both posts are important so I know you’re within the timeline.

Basically you get 2 months to knit each hippo colorway, but must have 12 hippos by the end of the year. The deadlines are staggered so you don’t feel so stressed to knit it within 30 days. 

Use tags:




I will draw a winner at the end of each month! The winner can pick any 1 skein that is currently available on my shop. 



IF you participated in each month for the entire year of 2018, you can enter this KAL! You will have 12 finished objects, each FO should have at least 2 photos, the beginning photo, and the FO already in your Instagram feed. 


If you want to participate in all 12, they all need to be different Hippo colorways! 

To enter this final one, you must post by December 31, 2018 all 12 FO’s in ONE photo on your Instagram feed and use tags:




EVERYONE who does this for a full year is a winner in my book! You will all receive 1 skein of an exclusive Hippo for 2018 colorway in your choice of Everyday Sock, Plush Sock, or Simple Worsted.

Toward the end of the year, there will be more instructions on how to claim your prize. 


Hippo Calendar:

Hippo #1 - December 1 - January 31

Hippo #2 - January 1 - February 28

Hippo #3 - February 1 - March 31

Hippo #4 - March 1 - April 30

Hippo #5 - April 1 - May 31

Hippo #6 - May 1 - June 30

Hippo #7 - June 1 - July 31

Hippo #8 - July 1 - August 31

Hippo #9 - August 1 - September 30

Hippo #10 - September 1 - October 31

Hippo #11 - October 1 - November 30

Hippo #12 - November 1 - December 31