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Hand Dyed Yarn


Shipping Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

International Shipping Changes

Your price is now based on weight and calculations from USPS shipping prices. Now, if you order more than 2lbs, we will automatically ship using USPS International Priority Shipping. This includes faster shipping, more reliable tracking, and insurance through USPS for damaged merchandise. 

In the past (July 2017 - April 2018) we used a service from USPS for shipping internationally which allowed us to use a flat rate price system. Since October 2017, and even more extreme since February 2018, this service has become unreliable for tracking and shipping times. Because of these changes in that reliability from that shipping service, we have changed our shipping prices and policies. We never want you to have a bad experience with our shop because of shipping issues. While the shipping is outside of our control once it leaves our hands, we can make choices on how we ship to improve your experience. 

We will combine orders only if it is a savings. If it is a savings of $3 USD or more, we will issue you a refund. We issue refunds about once a month.

If you do NOT want your packages combined, please let us know in your order notes. Otherwise we will automatically combine to save you money on shipping.

If your package is under 2lbs, but you would prefer to use USPS International Priority Shipping, please request it in your order notes, and we will invoice you for the cost difference through PayPal. 


When will my order ship?

Ready to ship items will ship within 3 business days (M-F), That means if you order Friday, Saturday or Sunday - it will ship out by Wednesday.  Tonal colors that are dyed to order will be ready to ship within 9 business days (M-F). 

Custom dyed to order, or special event colorways, will have a date in your order confirmation and in the listing of when to expect shipment.

If an order is placed for ready-to-ship items and dyed to order items I will hold all items until the dyed to order item is ready for shipment.

All items will be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Just as a reminder. Once the item leaves my hands, the postal service is responsible to get it to you within the time frame, the shipping time is an estimate it is not guaranteed by USPS. 

Please double check your shipping address before submitting your order. I will ship to the address you provide. If there is an issue delivering to the address you provide, and it is returned to me, you will be responsible for the re-shipping costs.

Why haven't I received an emailed shipping notification yet?

You will receive an automatic email with the shipping notification and tracking information the day we print the label. We will ship it either the same day, or the day after you receive that email shipping notification. 

The email is sent to the email address that you provided on your order. Order and tracking information is only given to that email address for customer privacy, so when ordering, please make sure your email address is typed correctly.

All ready to ship orders will always ship within 3 business days. That means if you order Friday, Saturday or Sunday - it will ship out by Wednesday. 

Will you combine my orders?

We do combine orders to be able to package them together and cut down on packaging waste. In most cases, for Domestic Shipping (US) that will bump your order from First Class to Priority, which is faster shipping and you're saving some money on the bump up. We will only issue a refund if it's more than a $3 savings to you. We process refunds about once a month, not at the same time as we process orders for shipping, please be patient, as it has become a huge task.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We will combine orders only if it is a savings, if it is a savings of $3 USD or more, we will issue you a refund. All orders over 2lbs in weight are shipped using the USPS International Priority Shipping. 

If you do NOT want your packages combined, please let us know in your order notes. Otherwise we will automatically combine to save you money on shipping.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

For US customers, generally, you'll receive your order within 7-10 business days, tracking is provided for all US orders.

For international customers, generally, 2-4 weeks.

There are always exceptions to this, customs delays can occur. Please reach out to the US Postal Service ( or your local postal office in your country to ask questions first. If it's been longer than 8 weeks, please let me know. While I will do my best to ask questions, I have no control over your shipment once it leaves my hands.

I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit or postal errors. There is always a shipping confirmation and tracking that the item left my hands and was received by the United States Postal Service. For many countries, tracking stops when it leaves the US border. 

My package was shipped internationally, and the tracking has stopped for over 2 weeks, please help me.

Packages shipped internationally can be delayed for so many reasons. The first thing we need to do is wait 4 weeks from the ship date to see where it goes and if the tracking updates within the 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks, please email me. Both of us, you and me, can put in a request to USPS to find mail here:

If you're in Canada, you'll also want to fill out Canada's missing mail form:|Filing_a_Claim|Line_2

Also, contact your local post office and your country's postal service number. We always call the USPS, but generally the package is already in your country and outside of the USPS's ability to track.

If you still haven't received your package after 8 weeks from the shipping date, please email me and let me know. 

My order shows delivered on tracking, but it's not in my mailbox, HELP!

Please make sure you protect your package delivery. Make sure someone is home, available to pick up packages, have them delivered to a secured mailbox, or you can have packages held at the post office for you. Packages have been know to be taken from porches, so please don’t let them linger there. Check with your family members or roommates who may have been sweet enough to grab the package for you. Don't forget to check with your neighbors!

I do not have any ability to find out more information from USPS than you do. Calling the international phone number will give you the tracking information. But, calling your local post office or post master can get your further, please reach out to your own local post office.

Click here for all the Contact information for USPS.

I am not responsible for your package once it leaves my hands. There is always a tracking number and tracking information that the item has been shipped and is on its way to you. 

Priority Mail is insured by USPS, if you have a concern about your package please file a claim through USPS. 

Click here if you need to file a claim with USPS.

All other packages, First Class, and International, are not insured. For US customers, if you would like your package to be insured by USPS, please select Priority Shipping. For International customers, I can purchase private shipping insurance for you package, you can always reach out to me to ask for it. It is an additional $5 USD.

Is there shipping insurance on my order?

First Class Mail in the US is not insured. If the package is lost or damaged in transit, it is not my responsibility. If you would like your package to be insured by USPS, please select Priority Shipping.

Priority Mail in the US is insured through the US Postal Service ( and all claims must be settled by you, the recipient, through USPS. The reason you need to settle the claim, is because once the package is picked up by USPS, the ownership of that package is now yours. 

International Mail is not insured, unless your package weighs 2lbs or more. If it is a 2lb or more package, we ship using USPS International Priority Shipping which does include tracking and insurance up to a certain dollar amount if they package is damaged in transit. It will not cover lost packages. 

I am upset that I was charged customs, what can you do about it?

I hate taxes too! But, this is the price we have to pay for receiving products internationally. I have to pay customs when I purchase products from outside the US as well. 

Customs charges are determined by your local government/entity. Those fees go straight to them, so if there are questions and concerns, please address them with your local government/entity.

Lolodidit is not responsible for shipping delays or customs charges. We will always include a receipt in your package and on the customs form we will list the items with the correct value. 

Can I return my order?

We want you to be absolutely pleased with your purchase. If you would like to return a ready to ship item, it must be in its original condition and packaging with tags intact. You may return within 14 days of receiving your order. Please contact us to make arrangements for returns. I cannot return your order after this 14 day period, so please make sure you are happy with your purchase upon receiving your items. I will refund any returns after I receive the item(s) from you and have verified it is in an acceptable condition for a return. You must ship the item(s) back to my PO Box and email me the tracking information. You are responsible for return shipping expenses, unless an error was made on my part. Shipping costs will not be refunded. 

Our PO Box is not on-site of our warehouse. Once you receive a delivery confirmation of your return, please allow us 3-5 business days to retrieve your package and issue a refund. 

All sales are final on any dyed to order, made to order, pre-order, or yarn of the month.